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SM+S Excerpts Pt. 3- The Ghost in the Shell : Humanity and Social Media

Nick Couldry– Social Media: Human Life :”…In the era of digital media, a normative turn is under way in communications research which is quite different from the more specialist concern with journalistic ethics…The impetus to such normative reflection is twofold: first, an unprecedented deepening of how media outputs and media-related expectations are embedded in our […]

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Political Facebook unfriending

The academic way to introduce the topic of politically-motivated unfriending on Facebook would be to talk about the gap in the literature that the study of it fills. And it does fill a gap: despite an enormous body of literature that endeavors to explain what the internet has done and is doing to politics (and, […]

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SM+S Excerpts Pt. 2 – Social Media Structure and Function : Big Theory, Big Questions

Daniel Kreiss-The Networked Democratic Spectator:  “…Social media afford “active spectatorship” around media events…political elites who produce media events cannot ignore these active audiences exercising performative scrutiny…At rare but significant moments, social media afford and even make possible collective identification, participation, and social action…”  Read the rest here Tamara Shepherd- Mapped, Measured, and Mined: The Social […]

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SM+S Excerpts Pt. 1 -Let us Study the Social and the Media Through Varied Lenses

danah boyd- Social Media: A Phenomenon to be Analyzed: “…As a buzzword, “social media” was far from being precise….For the entrepreneurs and geeks who had watched the Internet rise into a dot-com bubble and burst into flames, Web 2.0 and its first offering—social media—provided a chance to start anew….the geekier crowds wanted to go back […]

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