Researching the Internet Industries: Strategies and Methods

At the recent Association for Internet Research (AoIR) conference in Berlin (October 5-8, 2016), a number of scholars engaged in active research on internet-related industries participated in a session called “Internet Industry Research Rules! A Roundtable on Methods.” As a member of the audience, I was immediately struck by the deep and sophisticated engagement of […]

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The Real Problem is Not Misinformation

As progressives, journalists, and media scholars attempt to account for the role of media in the Trump victory, opinions seem to have coalesced around one culprit: misinformation. New media scholar Zeynep Tufekci provides the most informed and nuanced version of this narrative in her critique of Facebook’s failure to screen fake news stories and its […]

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Understanding Trump’s 100-Day Plan through a White Supremacist Worldview

Authors: Joan Donovan, Christopher Kelty, Pamela Lim, Won Kyung Oh, Ravneet Purewal, Antoine Rajkovic, and Michael Scheipe — In September of 2015, the Participation Lab at UCLA began researching how white supremacists use genetic ancestry testing to make sense of identity, biology, and human history. We wanted to know what the most extreme, rascist, nazi-sympathizing […]

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Left Politics, as if We Mean It

As a Brit, I approached the 2016 Us election with June’s Brexit vote firmly in mind. I had never felt such raw anger and bewilderment at a political event as on June 24, 2016, and through the following days. With millions of others, I am still living within the dark shadow of that ambiguous and […]

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