Month: June 2011

Tracing the Path of Online Video

In recent years, video has been blowing up in popularity across the Web and on mobile networks and most of us just watch it without thinking much about what it takes to bring it to our screens.  It’s simple to assume that it’s just ABC, Hulu, or publishing streaming files to the Web, and […]

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Search and Destroy: More antitrust allegations against Google

As reported by the Wall Street Journal last Thursday, Google faces a potential civil antitrust investigation from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for practices that include privileging certain search results based on how much a company is willing to pay for such ‘advertising.’ This lack of transparency in Google’s advertising business practices, along with the […]

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Information War?: Lulzsec, Anonymous, Wikileaks and Stuxnet

Just after Wikileaks was being refused services from corporations like Mastercard and Amazon, following the leaking of thousands of USA State department documents, the group Anonymous rocketed into public view as it attacked back.  Co-ordinating denial of service attacks against many who were refusing services previously provided to Wikileaks, Anonymous came into worldwide prominence. In […]

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Culture Digitally: An Introduction Pt. 2

We face an increasingly complex ecology of digital technologies and cultural production outlets: blogs, video games, Facebook, wikis, media platforms, Twitter, etc. And we are finding that they present substantive challenges to our ways of understanding the workings and implications of cultural production. We are witnessing the establishment of digital culture, not just as a novelty […]

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