Month: August 2011

Lodsys, “Patent trolls,” and Free Culture, or, Was the Web really ever emancipatory?

So, I know I’m using emancipation very loosely here. Saying emancipation begs the question:  Emancipation from what?  I’m trying to cheekily hark back to early ideas of the Internet as a space that can emancipate us from mass culture by making us all producers and consumers of cultural products.  Nowadays, most of us accept that the cultural production […]

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A Conversation with Nick Couldry about Cultural Studies and Social Theory

The Cultural Studies podcast, hosted by Toby Miller, has posted its latest interview, with our own Nick Couldry. Nick narrates his academic career and offers glimpses of his forthcoming book, Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice (Polity), which he calls: “An attempt to think about the implications for my earlier work on media […]

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Infographic: Bytes beat bricks [Fortune]

In my continuing effort to think carefully about the digitization of distribution, Here’s a pretty helpful little bit of infographic frippery, that documents the growth of digital distribution models in relation to the brick and mortar counterparts. Might also be interesting to think about the explosion of “infographics” as a contemporary form of information presentation. […]

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