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Mobile sexism? Oct 30, 2011

Increasingly, smartphones have become an important way that we keep connected to the digital world. So, what does it mean when a smartphone is labeled as a “female” phone? Granted, HTC’s new smartphone, called Rhyme (available on Verizon), is never … Continue reading

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LibreOffice: time to reconsider Open Source and power? Oct 22, 2011

[Cross-posted from DSC@KCL Blog] Having been a longtime OpenOffice.org user I was a little surprised recently when installing the Ubuntu flavour of Gnu/Linux to find that something called LibreOffice was the default office suite. It looked remarkably similar to OpenOffice.org … Continue reading

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Hypersexualized avatars; or, how to bring old media questions to new media worlds Oct 21, 2011

I keep running into this question, such that it feels like it is making a resurgence: concerns about the sexualization of avatars, in both comics, graphic novels, and video games. Here is a pointed discussion on Racalicious about a video … Continue reading

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Trajectories of Microfinance Oct 20, 2011

I was poking around Craig Newmark’s craigconnects.org and found an interesting film put out by Kiva.org, an organization that’s crowdsourcing micro-loans.  Kiva itself is an good example of distributed micro-philanthropy ( more of these organizations are popping up here and … Continue reading

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Can an algorithm be wrong? Twitter Trends, the specter of censorship, and our faith in the algorithms around us Oct 19, 2011

The interesting question is not whether Twitter is censoring its Trends list. The interesting question is, what do we think the Trends list is, what it represents and how it works, that we can presume to hold it accountable when we think … Continue reading

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