Month: November 2011

The idea of memes on the Internet, and do they mean anything for cultural production

I’ve never been a big fan of Richard Dawkins’s notion of memes.  Yet, I’ve noticed that people have used this idea quite often on the Internet.  At least, the word meme.  Memes mean a very particular thing. Because of that, does the adoption of the idea of memes into everyday conversation on the Internet tell […]

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The Biopower of Facebook

Here’s an article on NPR’s website about Facebook’s new default “opt-in” policy.  According to the article, Facebook is changing its default privacy setting from one where users must “opt-out”–manually increase their security settings– to make their profile private.  With this new “opt-in” policy, Facebook profiles are public by default. Who you are, quite literally, is for sale. […]

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Two new books on digital cultural production

I just came across a notice for two new books, both of which seemed relevant to the ideas that get discussed on this blog. Thought I would pass them along. Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet Olga Goriunova Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies In this book, Goriunova offers a critical […]

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Dismantling Change

Tarleton and Hector generously invited me to contribute to Culture Digitally, and I am thrilled to be here.  I wanted to share and invite feedback on an in-progress work that grows out of my forthcoming book, which tells the history of Democratic online campaigning from Howard Dean’s run to the 2008 Barack Obama campaign. At […]

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