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And deliver us from distraction: Understanding resistance to media life Jan 31, 2012

Jonathan Franzen, dubbed the Great American Novelist by TIME magazine, isn’t a fan of ebooks—nay, he sees them as corrupting our values, undermining all that’s good and holy about the printed word and its place in society. But what caught … Continue reading

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Media Life Is A Threat To Social Order Jan 26, 2012

Media can reinforce and support agencies of socialization and agents of control – such as parents, educators, the state. At the same time, media can be viewed as potentially disrupting, undermining or otherwise threatening the established way of doing things … Continue reading

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Protest code and the anti-SOPA blackout Jan 24, 2012

Software developers have been playing an increasingly crucial, if unseen, role in anti-SOPA/PIPA protest activities. According to data compiled by Fight for the Future, “super easy to use” WordPress plugins like Simple Stop Sopa (written by Brooke Dukes) may have … Continue reading

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Defining Online Community Management Jan 24, 2012

New technologies make new economies, and new economies make new jobs. As a response to this, some of the most forward-thinking academic programs aim to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist, and more programs should follow their lead. … Continue reading

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Affordances, technical agency, and the politics of technologies of cultural production Jan 23, 2012

a dialogue between Gina Neff, Tim Jordan, and Joshua McVeigh-Schulz   (This is the first of Culture Digitally’s “dialogues.” Spurred first by comments by Gina Neff at the March 2011 workshop, and then by one of her blogposts, I asked if we … Continue reading

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