Month: February 2012

A Message to the “First Responders” in Queer Kids’ Lives: Why We Need to Ditch the Politics of Blame, Stop Talking About “Cyberbullying,” and Move Toward Sharing Responsibility for the Loss of Tyler Clementi

Cross-posted on SocialMediaCollective;; Cultural Digitally Mary L. Gray Senior Researcher Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, MA Associate Professor of Communication and Culture, Indiana University Tyler Clementi’s death on 22 September 2010 was one of the first in a wave of highly publicized youth suicides that fall. In several cases, media coverage and political discourse […]

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Shifting voices: Seeking the pedagogy of wisdom in gaming, MMO’s (massively multiplayer online games) and locative media

What do we really want from gaming as educators? As academics we strive to inculcate knowledge and wisdom into our students. However we soon discover how that wisdom is really gained not by passive transmission but by active and immersive engagement with the material and with fellow peers. Jane McGonigal’s recent book, Reality is Broken […]

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The dirty job of keeping Facebook clean

Last week, Gawker received a curious document. Turned over by an aggrieved worker from the online freelance employment site oDesk, the document iterated, over the course of several pages and in unsettling detail, exactly what kinds of content should be deleted from the social networking site that had outsourced its content moderation to oDesk’s team. […]

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Fighting for Fair Use and Author Rights + The Open Access Alternative

Fighting for Fair Use and Author Rights – Christopher Boulton Over the last four years, I’ve sparred with three academic publishers over copyright and permissions policies, once with Pearson and twice with Taylor & Francis. The results were mixed, ranging from hard-fought victory to stalemate and withdrawal. So, in the interest of recruiting allies, I […]

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