Month: March 2012

The Legitimizing Power of Markets: Why paying for paper serves as a proxy for ascertaining truths

It seems that the pot is starting (or have already started) to boil over. The role of academic publishing houses in the dissemination of knowledge has attracted the attention of people outside academia.  And, certainly, it has attracted the attention of our blog.  Mary Gray, Chris Boulton, and Zachary McDowell have chimed in with some important ideas about the philosophical […]

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The Next Step in Open Access Publishing

In the wake of the demonstration against Elsevier, Chris Boulton and I recently authored a brief piece discussing some of the surrounding issues that are getting more widely known due to the academic outcry. In the days since this became major news, the controversy has spread beyond the walls of academia, and others are starting […]

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Limits of Freedom of Speech: Reddit’s Child Pornography problem

Several weeks ago, the popular message board Reddit announced that it was making a policy change to ban all “suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.” Owned by Advanced Publications, Reddit has made a name for itself in part by its hands-off, pro-free-speech, let-the-users-decide, and self-police approach. In fact, before the policy change, the only rules of […]

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