Month: April 2012

Is Anonymous vetting presidential candidates?

Anonymous Hispano, the Spanish-speaking branch of the famous hacker collective, issued a statement a few weeks ago announcing that, despite their efforts, they “could not find any evidence of corruption” to incriminate the Mexican presidential candidate López Obrador. The group prefaced their message by clarifying that they “do not have any partisan agenda and do not support any one” of […]

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Walled Gardens and Facebook enabled protests on the Web

Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google, spoke recently with UK newspaper The Guardian in which he stated that “very power forces [have] lined up against the open Internet on all sides and around the world.”  Brin levies this charge against the restrictive policies of certain governments, the entertainment industry’s efforts to address piracy, and walled […]

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(How) Have Technological Shifts Changed Being a Sports Fan?

a dialogue between Mel Stanfill and Rayvon Fouché (This is the second of Culture Digitally’s “dialogues.”) Mel Stanfill Two ways to interpret this question come immediately to mind. First, and perhaps most evidently, there is the question of how the practice of sports fandom is different as social, interactive, and/or data-rich media technologies become more […]

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Controversies around me

The whirlwind of controversy around the now defunct “Girls Around Me” app by i-Free Innovations evokes no new strangeness for all of us to fear, ponder, or be perplexed by.  At its core, the attention paid to the creepy smartphone app involves the intersection of privacy and technology.  This is a conversation about surveillance, sousveillance, […]

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