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Engendering Change? Gender Advocacy in Open Source Jun 26, 2012

The numbers of women in the field of computer science are dismal and even worse in the arena of FLOSS; a widely-cited study showed that only 1.5% of FLOSS practitioners were women (as compared with 28% in proprietary software).[1]  As … Continue reading

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The algorithmic representation of need Jun 24, 2012

Technology writers and media philosophers alike have spent time considering a rather candid remark by Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt, made in an August, 2010 interview. Discussing the future of the search giant, Schmidt said the following to the Wall Street Journal: We’re trying … Continue reading

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Introducing “Culture Digitally: The Podcast” Jun 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!  We are pleased to introduce a new podcast as part the regular content you’ll find here on the blog.   Over the last few weeks we’ve managed to record a number of great conversations between our contributors on the  … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 15 Years of Hell: Media Practice and Diablo Jun 18, 2012

An Introduction to “Ro15YoH” Diablo III’s release nearly a month ago has garnered a significant amount of attention, interest, ire, parody, … from game players and the enthusiast press. What has been more interesting to me, has been to reflect … Continue reading

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The Heterogeneous Contexts of Digital Production Jun 11, 2012

I was inspired by Nick Couldry’s recent post of his excellent book chapter (I am looking forward to the book), and the subsequent comments, especially Tarleton’s question as to  “what a practice-based attention to media production and distribution might look like,” to … Continue reading

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