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CFP: Algorithms, Automation, and News (Munich, May 22-23, 2018)

Algorithms and automation increasingly are connected to many aspects of news production, distribution, and consumption. We invite original, unpublished papers to address such issues at an international conference to be held at the Center for Advanced Studies, LMU Munich, May 22-23, 2018 — shortly before the ICA annual convention in Prague, not far from Munich. Thanks […]

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#trendingistrending: when algorithms become culture

I wanted to share a new essay, “#Trendingistrending: When Algorithms Become Culture” that I’ve just completed for a forthcoming Routledge anthology called Algorithmic Cultures: Essays on Meaning, Performance and New Technologies, edited by Robert Seyfert and Jonathan Roberge. My aim is to focus on the various “trending algorithms” that populate social media platforms, consider what they do as a set, and then […]

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The Ethnomathematics of Algorithms

Inspired by recent postings by Tarleton Gillespie and C.W. Anderson,  I wanted to chime in with my own take on the material and political aspects of algorithms. I’ve been mulling this over in my work with sensor enthusiasts, both in the Quantified Self movement and in open data communities like Cosm (formerly Pachube). This is […]

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The Relevance of Algorithms

I’m really excited to share my new essay, “The Relevance of Algorithms,” with those of you who are interested in such things. It’s been a treat to get to think through the issues surrounding algorithms and their place in public culture and knowledge, with some of the  participants in Culture Digitally (here’s the full litany: Braun, Gillespie, Striphas, Thomas, […]

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