Daniel Kreiss

Assistant Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


The Organization of New Media in the 2012 Campaign

If you want to understand new media and politics from a practitioner’s perspective, a great place to start would be this interview with Zac Moffatt, the Digital Director of Romney’s presidential campaign, in the Atlantic.  It offers a wonderfully detailed look at the organizational and technical challenges that practitioners face in their uptake of new […]

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Dismantling Change, Continued

In a previous post, I wrote about the organizational and institutional dynamics that shaped what happened to Obama’s “online army” in the years after the 2008 election.  I follow up on that post here, presenting in-progress work that addresses the transition from online campaigning to governance. A number of Obama’s former staffers whom I interviewed […]

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The Periods Between Large-Scale Protest Events

NPR aired a wonderful story yesterday about Occupy Chicago activists’ organizing of protests in advance of the simultaneously held NATO and G8 summit meetings in May. The story is interesting because so much of both journalistic and scholarly attention to movements and protest events happens during and after moments of contentious politics.  By contrast, the NPR story […]

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Dismantling Change

Tarleton and Hector generously invited me to contribute to Culture Digitally, and I am thrilled to be here.  I wanted to share and invite feedback on an in-progress work that grows out of my forthcoming book, which tells the history of Democratic online campaigning from Howard Dean’s run to the 2008 Barack Obama campaign. At […]

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