Sarah Banet-Weiser

Director of the School of Communication at USC Annenberg

at Culture Digitally, we’re thinking about our scholarship in the harsh light of this week

Yesterday was a surprising, difficult day for a lot of us. For many of us based in the U.S., amidst whatever political feelings we were having, it spurred us to think hard about our own work and research agendas, and how they should shift to face new political realities. So some of us spent the day […]

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Spanish Translation- Sarah Banet-Weiser’s : Misogamia Popular, El Espiritu de la Epoca

Últimamente todos están hablando del feminismo. Se ha vuelto el sujeto de conversaciones a tal nivel que Byonce, en su numero para los VMA de 2014, presento la palabra “Feminism” escrita en luces detrás de ella. Después la periodista Jessica Valenti escribiendo de Byonce en el periódico El Gurdian dijo, “El nuevo zeitgeist es sin […]

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Popular misogyny: a zeitgeist

Everyone is talking about feminism, so much so that Jessica Valenti, writing in The Guardian after Beyoncé performed at the 2014 VMAs with the word “feminist” lit up behind her, proclaimed “The zeitgeist is irrefutably feminist: its name literally in bright lights.”  Earlier, in February 2014, the popular blog Jezebel asked: “what does it mean […]

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