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“We do software so that you can do education”: The curious case of MOOC platforms

[Note: This is a lightly edited re-post of a blog-post originally published on Work in Progress,  a public sociology blog created by the American Sociological Association to disseminate research results.  It summarizes findings from “Engineering a platform: The construction of interfaces, users, organizational roles, and the division of labor” in New Media and Society, first published online in […]

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The platform metaphor, revisited

This is cross-posted from the HIIG Science Blog, and is part of a series on metaphors and digital society hosted by Christian Katzenbach and Stefan Larsson. I recommend the other essays as well: Nik John on sharing, Noam Tirosh on revolution, and Christian Djeffal on artificial intelligence.  Sometimes a metaphor settles into everyday use so comfortably, […]

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Reading the Zuckerberg manifesto

It’s perhaps not surprising that the manifesto published by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday promotes “global community.” The idea that a social media platform like Facebook primarily serves as a community space is consistent with the site’s branding according to techno-utopian versions of a networked society. It also supports the way that Facebook’s […]

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Spanish Translation- Cancelando Amistades en Facebook por Razones Politicas

Tranlated by Andrea Alarcon and Hector Postigo La forma académica, en los estudios de medios, de abordar el tema de terminar amistades en Facebook por motivos políticos sería comenzar la conversación hablando de la brecha en la literatura existente, la cuál este estudio llena. Definitivamente ay un vacío: a pesar de una enorme cantidad de […]

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