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Hackers [draft] [#digitalkeywords]

“Hacking, across its various manifestations, can be seen as a site where craft and craftiness converge.”   The following is a draft of an essay, eventually for publication as part of the Digital Keywords project (Ben Peters, ed). This and other drafts will be circulated on Culture Digitally, and we invite anyone to provide comment, criticism, or suggestion in the […]

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We are what we tweet: The Problem with a Big Data World when Everything You Say is Data Mined

This post was written by: Fenwick McKelvey, Matthew Tiessen & Luke Simcoe Are we living in a simulated “reality”? Although a work of science fiction from 1964, the book Simulacron-3 asks a question relevant to our digitally-enabled world. The city where the book takes its name perturbs its inhabitants. Over the course of the novel, […]

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Dialogue: reflecting on Chapter 1 of Tim Jordan’s Internet, Society, and Culture: Communicative practices before and after the internet

A few weeks ago, Tim Jordan shared the opening chapter of his new book, Internet, Society, and Culture: Communicative Practices before and after the Internet, published by Bloomsbury.  (You can still read it here.) The comments that followed raised some interesting observations, both about it and inspired by it, so we’re re-posting those comments here […]

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Is Anonymous vetting presidential candidates?

Anonymous Hispano, the Spanish-speaking branch of the famous hacker collective, issued a statement a few weeks ago announcing that, despite their efforts, they “could not find any evidence of corruption” to incriminate the Mexican presidential candidate López Obrador. The group prefaced their message by clarifying that they “do not have any partisan agenda and do not support any one” of […]

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