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free download of Postigo, The Digital Rights Movement (MIT Press, 2012)

If you’re interested in the research of Culture Digitally co-founder Hector Postigo, his excellent book The Digital Rights Movement: The Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright (MIT press, 2012) has just been made available as free, downloadable PDF – unencumbered by DRM and protected under a CC-BY license, of course. So, if you are interested […]

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Podcast: TL Taylor and Greg Lastowka on Video Games, User Generated Content and Regulatory Regimes

In this episode of Culture Digitally the Podcast, MIT’s TL Taylor and Rutgers Law School’a Greg Lastowka share their insights into emergent video game culture practices that may run aground on copyright law.  Greg talks about his recent NSF  funded work surveying user generated content (UGC) in video games and TL discusses emergent video gameplay […]

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