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When Science, Customer Service, and Human Subjects Research Collide. Now What? Jul 9, 2014

My brothers and sisters in data science, computational social science, and all of us studying and building the Internet of things inside or outside corporate firewalls, to improve a product, explore a scientific question, or both: we are now, officially, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s algorithm — why our assumptions are wrong, and our concerns are right Jul 4, 2014

Many of us who study new media, whether we do so experimentally or qualitatively, our data big or small, are tracking the unfolding debate about the Facebook “emotional contagion” study, published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academies of … Continue reading

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Trending Ethnography: Notes on Import, Prediction, and Digital Culture Jan 27, 2014

The Background: “Dead and Buried” At the end of 2013, a flare-up involving the work of Daniel Miller and his colleagues revealed a complex set of tensions regarding how digital culture scholars, journalists, and others in the technology sector address … Continue reading

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Public (Research) Design: Un-friend Stories Apr 8, 2013

An Introduction [Cross Posted at the CASTAC Blog] Ask an anthropologist a question and they’ll tell you a story. In this case, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell. During the fall of 2012, I was perusing my Facebook … Continue reading

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The specter of uncertainty May 26, 2012

What do Facebook’s less than stellar IPO and Bankia’s downgrade by S&P have in common?  If you’re uncertain, you’re right. Facebook’s IPO was marred by uncertainty.  In the days leading up to its public offering, the talk surrounding Facebook was … Continue reading

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