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Institutional Alzheimers: A Culture of Secrecy and the Opacity of #GAMEDEV Work Feb 21, 2014

[Cross Posted at Gamasutra] Yesterday, Todd Harper (@laevantine) tweeted a reflection on several other blog posts responding to recent news that Irrational Games was closing. I like that both @leighalexander and @BRKeogh‘s pieces on Irrational highlight the intense opacity of … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 15 Years of Hell: Media Practice and Diablo Jun 18, 2012

An Introduction to “Ro15YoH” Diablo III’s release nearly a month ago has garnered a significant amount of attention, interest, ire, parody, … from game players and the enthusiast press. What has been more interesting to me, has been to reflect … Continue reading

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Kick Starting Fans and the Play of Patronage Feb 16, 2012

[Cross Posted on my Personal Blog] It has been a strange couple of days in #GAMEDEV land. For those that haven’t followed Double Fine’s Adventure on KickStarter, now would be a good time to start. The short story is that … Continue reading

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The Brewing Storm Between Games and Education Jul 11, 2011

This one has been brewing for a while. Perhaps, as Stephen Totilo notes, ever since Raph Koster voiced his concerns back in 2006. I believe that there is a storm coming between “game people” and educators, precisely at a moment when money is flooding … Continue reading

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