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What really went wrong at Microsoft: Thoughts and questions about Rao’s criticism of Eichenwald

It’s interesting to read the contrasting articles by Venkatesh Rao and Kurt Eichenwald.  In both articles, they offer differing views on why exactly Microsoft experienced a “lost decade.” That is, both articles tried to explain why Microsoft fell so far behind the innovation curve during this past decade to Google and Apple. Eichenwald extensively interviews many, I […]

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Walled Gardens and Facebook enabled protests on the Web

Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google, spoke recently with UK newspaper The Guardian in which he stated that “very power forces [have] lined up against the open Internet on all sides and around the world.”  Brin levies this charge against the restrictive policies of certain governments, the entertainment industry’s efforts to address piracy, and walled […]

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Lodsys, “Patent trolls,” and Free Culture, or, Was the Web really ever emancipatory?

So, I know I’m using emancipation very loosely here. Saying emancipation begs the question:  Emancipation from what?  I’m trying to cheekily hark back to early ideas of the Internet as a space that can emancipate us from mass culture by making us all producers and consumers of cultural products.  Nowadays, most of us accept that the cultural production […]

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