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How About Some Open Peer Review?

My friend and colleague Mark Hayward and I have been working on an essay entitled “Working Papers in Cultural Studies, or, the Virtues of Gray Literature,” which we’ll be presenting at the upcoming Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference in Paris.  We’ve been drafting the piece publicly on one of my websites, The Differences & Repetitions […]

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The Legitimizing Power of Markets: Why paying for paper serves as a proxy for ascertaining truths

It seems that the pot is starting (or have already started) to boil over. The role of academic publishing houses in the dissemination of knowledge has attracted the attention of people outside academia.  And, certainly, it has attracted the attention of our blog.  Mary Gray, Chris Boulton, and Zachary McDowell have chimed in with some important ideas about the philosophical […]

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Media Life Is A Threat To Social Order

Media can reinforce and support agencies of socialization and agents of control – such as parents, educators, the state. At the same time, media can be viewed as potentially disrupting, undermining or otherwise threatening the established way of doing things in society. This fundamental premise – outlined most clearly in Denis McQuail’s unparalleled work on […]

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LibreOffice: time to reconsider Open Source and power?

[Cross-posted from DSC@KCL Blog] Having been a longtime OpenOffice.org user I was a little surprised recently when installing the Ubuntu flavour of Gnu/Linux to find that something called LibreOffice was the default office suite. It looked remarkably similar to OpenOffice.org (which I noticed because I knew exactly where the place to turn off autocompletion of […]

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