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The History of the Pirate Bay through its Home Page Jul 28, 2014

The Pirate Bay as much as it tries to decentralize depends on attention concentrated on its home page. My latest article, We Like Copies, But Don’t Let the Others Fool You, explores the implications of this tension to the group … Continue reading

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Cyber-activism [draft] [#digitalkeywords] Jun 9, 2014

“Certainly, in popular discourse, terms like cyber-activism, online activism, and digital activism are used to mean so many different things that they lose their specific meaning. In this way, they can be used conveniently by critics and proponents alike for … Continue reading

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Chris Kelty on the concepts of freedom that animated the history of the PC May 2, 2014

With permission from The MIT Press, I have the pleasure of circulating another essay from our 2014 volume, Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality, and Sociality, this one from Chris Kelty, titled “The Fog of Freedom.” Here’s his abstract: This essay explores the relationship between the … Continue reading

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Conference: Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space Feb 3, 2014

June 18-20, 2014 – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science) Organizers: José van Dijck & Thomas Poell Confirmed keynote speakers: Lance Bennett, Tarleton Gillespie, Alfred Hermida, Hallvard Moe Discussants: C.W. Anderson, Marcel Broersma, Jean … Continue reading

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‘Bumblehive’ and ‘Sealand’: Big Data Infrastructures Nov 25, 2013

(Note: image taken from a site spoofing/critiquing the Utah data center: http://nsa.gov1.info/utah-data-center/) On August 21, 2013, Mother Jones published the headline, “The World’s Most Notorious Micronation Has the Secret to Protecting Your Data From the NSA,” reviving Sealand as the … Continue reading

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