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Engendering Change? Gender Advocacy in Open Source Jun 26, 2012

The numbers of women in the field of computer science are dismal and even worse in the arena of FLOSS; a widely-cited study showed that only 1.5% of FLOSS practitioners were women (as compared with 28% in proprietary software).[1]  As … Continue reading

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Controversies around me Apr 6, 2012

The whirlwind of controversy around the now defunct “Girls Around Me” app by i-Free Innovations evokes no new strangeness for all of us to fear, ponder, or be perplexed by.  At its core, the attention paid to the creepy smartphone … Continue reading

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Mobile sexism? Oct 30, 2011

Increasingly, smartphones have become an important way that we keep connected to the digital world. So, what does it mean when a smartphone is labeled as a “female” phone? Granted, HTC’s new smartphone, called Rhyme (available on Verizon), is never … Continue reading

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