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Announcement: Cultural Production and the Digital Rights Movement (Hector Postigo)

Hector Postigo just published a new article, “Cultural Production and the Digital Rights Movement,” in the journal  Information Communication and Society.   Below is the abstract. The Digital Rights Movement is an effort by activists and advocacy organizations to expand consumer rights in media content use. A central argument for legitimating those rights pivots on a view of culture […]

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Announcement: Affective News and Networked Publics: The Rhythms of News Storytelling on #Egypt

Zizi Papacharissi just published a new article in the Journal of Communication.  Her article, authored with Maria de Fatima Oliveira, is titled Affective News and Networked Publics: The Rhythms of News Storytelling on #Egypt.  (Click on title for a link to the paper.)  The article examined Twitter use during the Arab Spring uprisings between Jan. 2011 and Feb. […]

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The Periods Between Large-Scale Protest Events

NPR aired a wonderful story yesterday about Occupy Chicago activists’ organizing of protests in advance of the simultaneously held NATO and G8 summit meetings in May. The story is interesting because so much of both journalistic and scholarly attention to movements and protest events happens during and after moments of contentious politics.  By contrast, the NPR story […]

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