Month: July 2011

On technical agency

Casey’s post yesterday about games being designed to “do” things resonated with the research that I’ve done on technologies in industries, first on Building Information Modeling in commercial design & construction and now on consumer biosensors. In both cases, advocates for these new tools tout them as “revolutionary” with the ability to enact sweeping organizational […]

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The Brewing Storm Between Games and Education

This one has been brewing for a while. Perhaps, as Stephen Totilo notes, ever since Raph Koster voiced his concerns back in 2006. I believe that there is a storm coming between “game people” and educators, precisely at a moment when money is flooding into these realms. So, perhaps, that is reason enough for a storm. But the foundations […]

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On Moderation Algorithms

Here’s a quick thought that comes from my dissertation.  It deals with Newsvine, one of the sites on which I did fieldwork, but it involves no inside knowledge of the site.  It was originally posted on my personal site, but Hector’s recent comment interrogating the nature of algorithms inspired me to cross-post it.  I’d also […]

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