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Monetizing a Meme: A Case Study on The Harlem Shake

by Zachary McDowell and Mike Soha This is an abridged draft of a paper we are developing for publication. We invite anyone to provide comment, criticism, or suggestion in the comment space below. We ask that you please honor that it’s being offered in draft form — both in your comments, which we hope will be constructive in […]

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The Next Step in Open Access Publishing

In the wake of the demonstration against Elsevier, Chris Boulton and I recently authored a brief piece discussing some of the surrounding issues that are getting more widely known due to the academic outcry. In the days since this became major news, the controversy has spread beyond the walls of academia, and others are starting […]

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Fighting for Fair Use and Author Rights + The Open Access Alternative

Fighting for Fair Use and Author Rights – Christopher Boulton Over the last four years, I’ve sparred with three academic publishers over copyright and permissions policies, once with Pearson and twice with Taylor & Francis. The results were mixed, ranging from hard-fought victory to stalemate and withdrawal. So, in the interest of recruiting allies, I […]

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