Robert Gehl

Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Affiliated Faculty, University Writing Program | University of Utah

at Culture Digitally, we’re thinking about our scholarship in the harsh light of this week

Yesterday was a surprising, difficult day for a lot of us. For many of us based in the U.S., amidst whatever political feelings we were having, it spurred us to think hard about our own work and research agendas, and how they should shift to face new political realities. So some of us spent the day […]

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Social Networking on the Dark Web

If someone says “Dark Web,” the first thing to come to mind might be drugs. Or guns. Or hitmen for hire. Or worse, child pornography. Indeed, we are in yet another Internet moral panic, this time about mysterious Web sites that cannot be accessed with a standard browser, sites that have bizarre URLs such as […]

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What Socialbots Tell Us about Social Media

The last tweet you got may have been from a robot. A socialbot, to be exact. Like some neo-Asimovian science fiction story, networks of socialbots are beginning to spread across social media, liking, Tweeting, and friending unsuspecting humans, biding their time, gathering information, and subtly shaping our online lives. Moreover, these ‘bots are fascinating, and […]

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