Kate Miltner


more Culture Digitally scholars reflect on the election and our scholarship going forward

Below is a second wave of comments from Culture Digitally scholars, grappling with the U.S. election and its implications for our scholarship. (First post is available here.) Read through, or skip to contributions from Mary Gray, Kate Miltner, Ted Striphas, Ilana Gershon, P. M. Hillier, and Mike Ananny.  As we said yesterday, we know the […]

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Memeology Festival 02. From #Feels to Structure of Feeling: The Challenges of Defining “Meme Culture”

I became involved with meme scholarship in 2010 when I conducted an audience study of LOLcat enthusiasts. As a result, I have been referred to as a “meme scholar,” although I don’t necessarily know if that’s quite the case. It is certainly true that I have studied memes, and I do consider “internet culture” broadly […]

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