Month: August 2012

Social Media & the Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics was officially called the “Sustainable Olympics” and the “Olympics for Everyone“. Unofficially, the 2012 London Olympics was referred to as the “Social Media Olympics” or the “Twitter Olympics”. Social media clearly played a prominent role at the Olympics in London for organizers, journalists, athletes, and fans alike. The Olympics have historically […]

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Drawing Lines: Trolling and Concept Formation

For weeks now on one of the most populated role-playing realms in World of Warcraft, a user has been hanging out and repeating explicit sexual scenarios in the trade chat channel, which is the conversation channel that has the largest number of participants.  What this looks like is a paragraph of text describing a scenario.  […]

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Three thoughts on “participatory culture”

In a recent post over at Microsoft Research’s “Social media Collective” blog, danah boyd posed a query to her readers: she’s in the midst of a project with Henry Jenkins and Mimi Ito, a back-and-forth meant to advance their thinking on the idea of “participatory culture.” They are trying to pose their different ideas on […]

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