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There’s a reason that misleading claims of bias in search and social media enjoy such traction.

President Trump’s tweets charging that Google search results are biased, against him and against conservatives, are the loudest and latest version of a growing attack on search engines and social media platforms. It is potent, and it’s almost certainly wrong. But it comes at an unfortunate time, just as a more thoughtful and substantive challenge […]

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Setting Goals by Morten Oddvik

The Trials of Media Research

Media research is a vexing enterprise. Trapped in the borderlands between social science and the humanities, the study of media and communication bears the liabilities of both. We have to contend with all the challenges that sociologists and literary scholars face: the subjective baggage of the analyst, her struggle to interpret unstable meanings, the strange […]

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Content moderation is not a panacea: Logan Paul, YouTube, and what we should expect from platforms

What do we expect of content moderation? And what do we expect of platforms? There is an undeniable need, now more than ever, to reconsider the public responsibilities of social media platforms. For too long, platforms have enjoyed generous legal protections and an equally generous cultural allowance, to be “mere conduits” not liable for what […]

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Ready Player Two: Women Gamers and Designed Identity- Book Sneak Peak

Video game culture exists within the dust cloud of GamerGate. For the last three years, it has dominated how many of us have talked about video games and video game culture. The conversations – academic and otherwise – circle around the games that defined this debate. Hardcore games, console games, even many indie games are […]

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