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Popular misogyny: a zeitgeist

Everyone is talking about feminism, so much so that Jessica Valenti, writing in The Guardian after Beyoncé performed at the 2014 VMAs with the word “feminist” lit up behind her, proclaimed “The zeitgeist is irrefutably feminist: its name literally in bright lights.”  Earlier, in February 2014, the popular blog Jezebel asked: “what does it mean […]

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a Culture Digitally dialogue, now available in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

A dialogue that first appeared here at Culture Digitally has just been published in its final, published form, thanks to our continued partnership with the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media (vol. 58, no. 4, 2014). (Re)read it now! Share with your friends. Spam, and the Challenge of Chasing Shadows (featuring Finn Brunton and Kevin Driscoll) (Re)read it now! Share with your friends.   […]

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Choice or disparation? Theorizing the social in social media systems

[This is an excerpt from a longer essay, forthcoming in the Westminster Papers on Communication and Culture special issue, “The Internet and the Material Turn” — Volume 10, Issue 1, April 2015.] For millions of people around the world, social media systems now represent a central, material-semiotic mode of relation. Choosing to befriend someone and not someone […]

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