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Kate Crawford and Tarleton Gillespie “What is a Flag For? Social Media Reporting Tools and the Vocabulary of Complaints” Aug 7, 2014

It’s now my pleasure to fill our readers in on a great recently published piece by my fellow Culture Digitally co-founder Tarleton Gillespie and our community’s friend and colleague Kate Crawford, from  Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective. Their article is … Continue reading

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Hector Postigo, on the “architectures of digital labor” on YouTube Aug 6, 2014

Glad to circulate a new essay from Culture Digitally co-founder Hector Postigo, it’s an excellent read. It is now available in the “online first” section of New Media & Society. Hector Postigo, “The socio-technical architecture of digital labor: Converting play … Continue reading

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The History of the Pirate Bay through its Home Page Jul 28, 2014

The Pirate Bay as much as it tries to decentralize depends on attention concentrated on its home page. My latest article, We Like Copies, But Don’t Let the Others Fool You, explores the implications of this tension to the group … Continue reading

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Mirror [draft] [#digitalkeywords] Jul 25, 2014

“The business proposition of cloud companies is that their mirroring is an affordable way of securing retrievable data. The compromise is that mirroring liberates and at once captures the very images and information it displaces, diffracts, and makes autonomous… While … Continue reading

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Community [draft] [#digitalkeywords] Jul 11, 2014

“Today, we speak of a global community, made possible by communications technologies, and our geographically-specific notions of community are disrupted by the possibilities of the digital, where disembodied and socially distant beings create what they – and we, as scholars … Continue reading

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