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Fighting for Which Future? When Google Met Wikileaks Sep 18, 2014

In the summer of 2011, in the midst of the Cablegate affair (the leaking of some 250,000 diplomatic cable transmission between the US State Department and American embassies by WikiLeaks), at a time of far-reaching changes in the regimes of … Continue reading

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Archive [draft] [#digitalkeywords] Sep 16, 2014

“In the digital age, we attempt to create archives of a particular moment, the entirety of a medium, the mutability of language, all knowledge. … The archive as a fractured, incalculable moment is an attempt to hold close all that … Continue reading

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Digitalization and Digitization Sep 8, 2014

Pleased to share a draft of an article Daniel Kreiss and I are working on for the upcoming International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy. We think this compliments some of the great work being done through the Digital Keywords Project—especially Digital and Analog. We … Continue reading

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Transformative Re-Use: The Re-Circulation of Fair Use Materials Aug 19, 2014

In 2011 I opened an account on Critical Commons in order to upload a series of film clips I was analyzing for a journal article on films about the 1964 Kitty Genovese murder in New York City. I uploaded several clips … Continue reading

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Kate Crawford and Tarleton Gillespie “What is a Flag For? Social Media Reporting Tools and the Vocabulary of Complaints” Aug 7, 2014

It’s now my pleasure to fill our readers in on a great recently published piece by my fellow Culture Digitally co-founder Tarleton Gillespie and our community’s friend and colleague Kate Crawford, from  Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective. Their article is … Continue reading

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