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Political Facebook unfriending

The academic way to introduce the topic of politically-motivated unfriending on Facebook would be to talk about the gap in the literature that the study of it fills. And it does fill a gap: despite an enormous body of literature that endeavors to explain what the internet has done and is doing to politics (and, […]

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SM+S Excerpts Pt. 2 – Social Media Structure and Function : Big Theory, Big Questions

Daniel Kreiss-The Networked Democratic Spectator:  “…Social media afford “active spectatorship” around media events…political elites who produce media events cannot ignore these active audiences exercising performative scrutiny…At rare but significant moments, social media afford and even make possible collective identification, participation, and social action…”  Read the rest here Tamara Shepherd- Mapped, Measured, and Mined: The Social […]

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Announcement : New Open Access Journal Social Media and Society. Edited by Zizi Papacharissi!

Hello Culture Digitally Community!  Zizi Papacharissi, one of our esteemed contributors, has taken on the editorship of the open access journal Social Media and Society. Tarleton Gillespie and I, along with other members of our community, are on the editorial board and have made contributions to its inaugural issue, here.  We thank Zizi for her […]

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Facebook’s improved “Community Standards” still can’t resolve the central paradox

On March 16, Facebook updated its “Community Standards,” in ways that were both cosmetic and substantive. The version it replaced, though it had enjoyed minor updates, had been largely the same since at least 2011. The change comes on the heels of several other sites making similar adjustments to their own policies, including Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, […]

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