The Great Library of Alexandria, O. Von Corven, 1st century

Media Scholarship and Digital Time

The recent Culture Digitally essay by Jeff Pooley on iterative article editions as a solution to the problem of digital speed has attracted a lot of attention, and rightly so. Unlike a lot of the nonsense peddled by gurus looking to disrupt higher education, Pooley’s piece speaks to a lived problem for many in the […]

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Media Scholarship Needs Updating: Iterative Article “Editions” for a Sped-Up World

The undergrads in my Social Media and the Self class laugh on cue whenever MySpace surfaces in the scholarly literature that we’re discussing. And MySpace appears all the time—as does Dodgeball, Flickr, and Orkut. Even the nods to Digg strike the students as hilarious—a whole fall-and-rise cycle later. I understand. It is a little ridiculous, […]

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SM+S Excerpts Pt. 3- The Ghost in the Shell : Humanity and Social Media

Nick Couldry– Social Media: Human Life :”…In the era of digital media, a normative turn is under way in communications research which is quite different from the more specialist concern with journalistic ethics…The impetus to such normative reflection is twofold: first, an unprecedented deepening of how media outputs and media-related expectations are embedded in our […]

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