Reflections on technology and the 2016 elections

Way back in 2008, Off the Bus reporter Mayhill Fowler filed a report on an appearance by Hillary Clinton during that spring’s Democratic primary. The piece opens with a quote: “‘Being here this morning is a gift,’ Hillary Clinton says to the small band of supporters, several hundred strong, gathered under the Saturday morning sun […]

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Culture Digitally in Spanish Translation- Gina Neff’s “Que nos Enseñan, Sobre Grandes Archivos de Data y Propiedad Intelectual, Los Senos de Angelina Jolie”

On March 11 2016 the New York Time’s had piece about lags between genetic testing for breast cancer and guidance on what patients should do when they have important genetic data on hand.  One of our contributors, Gina Neff, posted a piece about such conundrums back in May 2013.  For that reason and because I […]

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College grounds

The Four Cultures: Media Studies at the Crossroads

In 1959, C.P. Snow famously decried the gap between the “two cultures”—the scientific and the humanist. Snow, a novelist and scientist, was disturbed by scientific illiteracy among the well-educated:“So the great edifice of modern physics goes up, and the majority of the cleverest people in the western world have about as much insight into it […]

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#trendingistrending: when algorithms become culture

I wanted to share a new essay, “#Trendingistrending: When Algorithms Become Culture” that I’ve just completed for a forthcoming Routledge anthology called Algorithmic Cultures: Essays on Meaning, Performance and New Technologies, edited by Robert Seyfert and Jonathan Roberge. My aim is to focus on the various “trending algorithms” that populate social media platforms, consider what they do as a set, and then […]

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