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When Science, Customer Service, and Human Subjects Research Collide. Now What? Jul 9, 2014

My brothers and sisters in data science, computational social science, and all of us studying and building the Internet of things inside or outside corporate firewalls, to improve a product, explore a scientific question, or both: we are now, officially, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s algorithm — why our assumptions are wrong, and our concerns are right Jul 4, 2014

Many of us who study new media, whether we do so experimentally or qualitatively, our data big or small, are tracking the unfolding debate about the Facebook “emotional contagion” study, published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academies of … Continue reading

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Algorithm [draft] [#digitalkeywords] Jun 25, 2014

“What we are really concerned with when we invoke the “algorithmic” here is not the algorithm per se but the insertion of procedure into human knowledge and social experience. What makes something algorithmic is that it is produced by or … Continue reading

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Announcement: New anthology on media technologies, bringing together STS and Communication perspectives Feb 20, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce that our anthology, Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality, and Society, edited by myself and Pablo Boczkowski and Kirsten Foot, is now officially available from MIT Press. Contributors include Geoffrey Bowker, Finn Brunton, Gabriella Coleman, Gregory Downey, Steven Jackson, Christopher Kelty, Leah Lievrouw, … Continue reading

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Reveal a little to hide a lot: Acxiom’s consumer data portal Oct 8, 2013

In early September 2013 the consumer marketing data company Acxiom unveiled a new website: The site is billed as a resource for consumers seeking answers to “questions about the data that fuels marketing” and has been received by some … Continue reading

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