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Understanding Trump’s 100-Day Plan through a White Supremacist Worldview

Authors: Joan Donovan, Christopher Kelty, Pamela Lim, Won Kyung Oh, Ravneet Purewal, Antoine Rajkovic, and Michael Scheipe — In September of 2015, the Participation Lab at UCLA began researching how white supremacists use genetic ancestry testing to make sense of identity, biology, and human history. We wanted to know what the most extreme, rascist, nazi-sympathizing […]

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at Culture Digitally, we’re thinking about our scholarship in the harsh light of this week

Yesterday was a surprising, difficult day for a lot of us. For many of us based in the U.S., amidst whatever political feelings we were having, it spurred us to think hard about our own work and research agendas, and how they should shift to face new political realities. So some of us spent the day […]

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Facebook Trending: It’s made of people!! (but we should have already known that)

Gizmodo has released two important articles (1, 2) about the people who were hired to manage Facebook’s “Trending” list. The first reveals not only how Trending topics are selected and packaged on Facebook, but also the peculiar working conditions this team experienced, the lack of guidance or oversight they were provided, and the directives they […]

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Dialogue: reflecting on Chapter 1 of Josh Braun’s, This Program is Brought To You By…

This month, Yale University Press publishes a new book, This Program is Brought to You By… : Distributing Television News Online, by Josh Braun, a co-founder and regular contributor to Culture Digitally. Included in this post is a link to the introduction. In addition, we asked some Culture Digitally regulars to read it ahead of […]

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