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Book Announcement and Excerpt: Social Media and the Transformation of News Production

My book, Social Media at BBC News: The Re-Making of Crisis Reporting, has just been published with Routledge in the Research in Journalism series. I am delighted share an excerpt with Culture Digitally, and I hope that it will foster an enriching dialogue with this intellectual community. The premise of my book is that the transformation […]

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Trending Ethnography: Notes on Import, Prediction, and Digital Culture

The Background: “Dead and Buried” At the end of 2013, a flare-up involving the work of Daniel Miller and his colleagues revealed a complex set of tensions regarding how digital culture scholars, journalists, and others in the technology sector address public engagement, prediction, and ethnographic methods. In this essay I use these tensions to investigate […]

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Visually Exploring the ICA 2013 Conference (#ica13)

(The Culture Digitally community hails from a number of disciplines, Communication being one of them. We were excited to come across Rodrigo Zamith’s analysis of the presentations at ICA, the most prominent of the scholarly conferences in the Communication field. We’re thrilled to share it here. Even if your work draws on other fields, many […]

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What Socialbots Tell Us about Social Media

The last tweet you got may have been from a robot. A socialbot, to be exact. Like some neo-Asimovian science fiction story, networks of socialbots are beginning to spread across social media, liking, Tweeting, and friending unsuspecting humans, biding their time, gathering information, and subtly shaping our online lives. Moreover, these ‘bots are fascinating, and […]

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