250 (more) Digital Keywords – a Working Resource

Here, as promised, is a list of 250 candidate keywords–the result of our previous call and the Digital Keywords appendix:

250 Digital Keywords (A Working Resource)

Just glancing over this list–both a tiny fraction of relevant digital discourse as well as precisely ten times the (bolded) keywords covered in this volume–leaves me awestruck at the potential fertility and force revealed in the ever-unfolding relationship between language and the world.

To whatever degree this list can be taken as an index of digital discourse, note the early alphabet bias as well as the weak showing among least frequent first letters in English words, namely the letters J, K, Q, U, X, Y, Z. (More on alphabetic author bias here.)

May it serve brainstorming exercises, course activities, and many continuing keyword projects!

This post has been adapted from the appendix to Benjamin Peters’ Digital Keywords: A Vocabulary of Information Society and Culture. 25% discount code in 2016: P06197

Excerpted from Digital Keywords: A Vocabulary of Information Society and Culture by Benjamin J. Peters, ed. © 2016 Princeton University Press. Reprinted by permission.