Josh Braun

Joshua Braun is an assistant professor in the Journalism Department at UMass Amherst, a former graduate fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, and an affiliated fellow of The Information Society Project at Yale Law School. His work examines sociological questions surrounding the online distribution of television and other media. His first book, This Program is Brought To You By…, on digital distribution of TV news, was published in 2015 by Yale University Press. Josh's papers have appeared in Communication Theory, Communication, Culture & Critique, Journalism, Journalism Practice, and Social Media & Society.

Thoughts on CES and the Tele-Technological System

As is becoming increasingly common, the Consumer Electronics Show has sent a tidal wave of news stories and press releases roaring into my RSS reader, full of information about the latest inventions aimed at changing the way we watch television and online video. Three short years ago, such news was scant.  In 2009, Brad Stone […]

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“Anon hackers are ‘criminals’ in so far as …”

“Anon hackers are ‘criminals’ in so far as any hacker has inevitably broken a host of laws; some individuals involved may also have a criminal history. And yet most hackers either implicitly or explicitly have critiques of the laws they are willing to transgress. Thus, the analyst must provide some account of the way that […]

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On Moderation Algorithms

Here’s a quick thought that comes from my dissertation.  It deals with Newsvine, one of the sites on which I did fieldwork, but it involves no inside knowledge of the site.  It was originally posted on my personal site, but Hector’s recent comment interrogating the nature of algorithms inspired me to cross-post it.  I’d also […]

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Tracing the Path of Online Video

In recent years, video has been blowing up in popularity across the Web and on mobile networks and most of us just watch it without thinking much about what it takes to bring it to our screens.  It’s simple to assume that it’s just ABC, Hulu, or publishing streaming files to the Web, and […]

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