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Keywords: Digital & Analog

The popular opposition between “analog” and “digital,” to put it in a nutshell, is wrong. Two essays in the Digital Keywords volume—Jonathan Sterne’s “Analog” and my own “Digital”—frame this fundamental point: the analog and the digital are not a pair (itself a rehearsal of that tired digital binary, 0 and 1). Nor are they necessarily […]

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Announcing Digital Keywords (with a 25% Discount) and a Call for More Keywords at #dkw

I’m thrilled to announce the official publication, by Princeton University Press, of Digital Keywords: A Vocabulary of Information Society and Culture — on the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Raymond Williams’ classic Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society. Princeton University Press is offering a discount of 25% on the book to all Culture Digitally […]

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Hackers [draft] [#digitalkeywords]

“Hacking, across its various manifestations, can be seen as a site where craft and craftiness converge.”   The following is a draft of an essay, eventually for publication as part of the Digital Keywords project (Ben Peters, ed). This and other drafts will be circulated on Culture Digitally, and we invite anyone to provide comment, criticism, or suggestion in the […]

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Internet [draft] [#digitalkeywords]

“the blurriness in how we use “internet” has a history and a function: it has allowed the word to become a metonymy – a part that stands for the whole – for a complex, shifting, intertwined mix of institutions, technologies, and practices. In this it is similar to “the Church,” “the press,” “Hollywood,” or “television.” […]

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Surrogate [draft] [#digitalkeywords]

“There has been much theorization of the ways in which new media contain the old, but scholars involved in historicist criticism are increasingly making print simulacra into an effigy. Archives of digitized print materials do not pretend to replace the experience of the original but nonetheless promise, implicitly if not explicitly, a way of engaging […]

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