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ICA Preconference on Media Distribution

Distribution Matters Media Circulation in Civic Life and Popular Culture ICA Preconference Call May 25, 2017 in San Diego [PDF for printing | TXT for emailing] Culture Digitally has generously agreed to sponsor this event. This call and future updates about the preconference can be found at https://distributionmatters.wordpress.com. —Josh Braun, Ramon Lobato & Amanda Lotz, […]

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Visually Exploring the ICA 2013 Conference (#ica13)

(The Culture Digitally community hails from a number of disciplines, Communication being one of them. We were excited to come across Rodrigo Zamith’s analysis of the presentations at ICA, the most prominent of the scholarly conferences in the Communication field. We’re thrilled to share it here. Even if your work draws on other fields, many […]

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