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The History of the Pirate Bay through its Home Page

The Pirate Bay as much as it tries to decentralize depends on attention concentrated on its home page. My latest article, We Like Copies, But Don’t Let the Others Fool You, explores the implications of this tension to the group and to Hacktivism. The group struggles to realized the political potential of decentralized networks while […]

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ethnographer’s dilemma

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do next (now that I’ve graduated and published a book–and thanks to Thomas for writing a blurb about it!), and anything I come up with quickly gets bound up in the daunting figuring-out-methods-logistics tied to values I hold as a researcher of people and their material stuff. […]

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Two kinds of piracy

Just a quick follow up on the discussion of SOPA; people keep asking me what kind of legislation would be more appropriate than SOPA and PIPA, and that might have a better chance of gaining the support of the technology industries, users, and Congress. I’m not in the business of writing laws, but as a […]

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