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Controversies around me

The whirlwind of controversy around the now defunct “Girls Around Me” app by i-Free Innovations evokes no new strangeness for all of us to fear, ponder, or be perplexed by.  At its core, the attention paid to the creepy smartphone app involves the intersection of privacy and technology.  This is a conversation about surveillance, sousveillance, […]

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LibreOffice: time to reconsider Open Source and power?

[Cross-posted from DSC@KCL Blog] Having been a longtime OpenOffice.org user I was a little surprised recently when installing the Ubuntu flavour of Gnu/Linux to find that something called LibreOffice was the default office suite. It looked remarkably similar to OpenOffice.org (which I noticed because I knew exactly where the place to turn off autocompletion of […]

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