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Participatory Culture in Hyperspace

I stumbled upon this interesting post about BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is a striking example of what Henry Jenkins would call participatory culture. It seems that prior to local servers coming online players in the Pacific Rim devised a way of creating unofficial “servers within servers” using the in-game guild system. By […]

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Andres Monroy-Hernandez on “Designing for Remixing” at Berkman

Culture Digitally’s Andres Monroy-Hernandez spoke a week or so ago at Harvard Law’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, on “Designing for Remixing: Computer-supported Social Creativity,” focused on his Scratch Online Community. The video is now available at Berkman’s site. Here’s the abstract, to tempt you: In this talk I present a framework for the […]

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One of those Guild moments: Part One

[Cross-posted at Digital Culture at KCL] I’ve been in an online gaming guild for over ten years. My very first guild was in Dark Age of Camelot and across a few guilds in that virtual space we got to know a lot of people, who then joined the same guild when World of Warcraft was […]

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Cows and Cyborgs: On Academic Irony…

[Cross Posted from my Personal Blog] I’ve clicked a cow. Twice. One Kotaku article and a game designer’s reflections on that article got me to thinking about Ian Bogost’s Cow Clicker, again. I first clicked a cow when I added Cow Clicker as a Facebook application. I’m sure Ian could even tell me the day […]

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