Nicholas John

Lecturer in the Department of Communication, The hebrew University of Jerusalem. @nicholasajohn

Reflecting on Chapter 1 of The Age of Sharing, by Nicholas John

Last month, Culture Digitally shared an excerpt from The Age of Sharing, the new book from Nicholas John. Below, several CD contributors reflect on the aims of the book, and its resonance with related concerns. Nik offers a brief response at the end. The book is now available in the U.S. as well as around the […]

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Facebook unfriending after the Orlando mass shooting

Major events of national importance reverberate throughout many levels of social life. They are discussed in the corridors of formal power, and in conversations by the water cooler. They also inspire an intensification of activity on social media. One of these activities is unfriending. Unfriending is a relatively under-researched social media practice, but it would […]

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Political Facebook unfriending

The academic way to introduce the topic of politically-motivated unfriending on Facebook would be to talk about the gap in the literature that the study of it fills. And it does fill a gap: despite an enormous body of literature that endeavors to explain what the internet has done and is doing to politics (and, […]

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