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Hector Postigo, on the “architectures of digital labor” on YouTube Aug 6, 2014

Glad to circulate a new essay from Culture Digitally co-founder Hector Postigo, it’s an excellent read. It is now available in the “online first” section of New Media & Society. Hector Postigo, “The socio-technical architecture of digital labor: Converting play … Continue reading

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Beyond surveillance fridges and socialized power drills: social media and the financialization of everyday life Apr 14, 2014

John Carter McKnight and Adam Fish This past weekend, two prominent socio-technical critics have given us radically different versions of the future of capitalism in the age of social media. Evgeny Morozov, author of The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet … Continue reading

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Matrix algebra: how to be human in a digital economy Apr 1, 2014

Ray and Charles Working on a Conceptual Model for the Exhibition Mathematica, 1960, photograph. Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress (A-22a). Click here to see original image.   “Certainly the cost of living has increased, but the cost of … Continue reading

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Going Over the Top: Online Television Distribution as Socio-technological System May 30, 2013

With the permission of the editorial staff of Communication, Culture & Critique, I’m pleased to share a pre-print of my forthcoming article, “Going over the top: Online television distribution as socio-technological system.” As I say in the essay, “many of … Continue reading

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What really went wrong at Microsoft: Thoughts and questions about Rao’s criticism of Eichenwald Jul 26, 2012

It’s interesting to read the contrasting articles by Venkatesh Rao and Kurt Eichenwald.  In both articles, they offer differing views on why exactly Microsoft experienced a “lost decade.” That is, both articles tried to explain why Microsoft fell so far behind the … Continue reading

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