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Facebook’s algorithm — why our assumptions are wrong, and our concerns are right Jul 4, 2014

Many of us who study new media, whether we do so experimentally or qualitatively, our data big or small, are tracking the unfolding debate about the Facebook “emotional contagion” study, published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academies of … Continue reading

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Adding the bling: The role of social media data intermediaries May 7, 2014

Last month, Twitter announced the acquisition of Gnip, one of the main sources for social media data—including Twitter data. In my research I am interested in the politics of platforms and data flows in the social web and in this … Continue reading

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Institutional Alzheimers: A Culture of Secrecy and the Opacity of #GAMEDEV Work Feb 21, 2014

[Cross Posted at Gamasutra] Yesterday, Todd Harper (@laevantine) tweeted a reflection on several other blog posts responding to recent news that Irrational Games was closing. I like that both @leighalexander and @BRKeogh‘s pieces on Irrational highlight the intense opacity of … Continue reading

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Announcement: New Book by Brooke Erin Duffy on Gendered Labor in the Women’s Magazine Industry Jan 22, 2014

The following post is excerpted from my recently published book Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age with permission from the University of Illinois Press. Drawing upon in-depth interviews with leading magazine editors, publishers, and digital strategists, this book … Continue reading

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Tumblr, NSFW porn blogging, and the challenge of checkpoints Jul 26, 2013

After Yahoo’s high-profile purchase of Tumblr, when Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that she would “promise not to screw it up,” this is probably not what she had in mind. Devoted users of Tumblr have been watching closely, worried that the cool, web 2.0 image … Continue reading

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