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Announcement: Affective News and Networked Publics: The Rhythms of News Storytelling on #Egypt

Zizi Papacharissi just published a new article in the Journal of Communication.  Her article, authored with Maria de Fatima Oliveira, is titled Affective News and Networked Publics: The Rhythms of News Storytelling on #Egypt.  (Click on title for a link to the paper.)  The article examined Twitter use during the Arab Spring uprisings between Jan. 2011 and Feb. […]

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Achy Breaky Heart

Break-ups can be long and complicated, taking days, months or even years.  They can involve many tense conversations and stretches of indecision.  Breakups take work.  Sometimes, faced with the possible work of a breakup, people will try to take a shortcut. They will break up on Valentine’s Day.  There is a cost – you are […]

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