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Announcement: New anthology on media technologies, bringing together STS and Communication perspectives

I’m thrilled to announce that our anthology, Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality, and Society, edited by myself and Pablo Boczkowski and Kirsten Foot, is now officially available from MIT Press. Contributors include Geoffrey Bowker, Finn Brunton, Gabriella Coleman, Gregory Downey, Steven Jackson, Christopher Kelty, Leah Lievrouw, Sonia Livingstone, Ignacio Siles, Jonathan Sterne, Lucy Suchman, and Fred Turner. One essay from the collection […]

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Dialogue: reflecting on Chapter 1 of Tim Jordan’s Internet, Society, and Culture: Communicative practices before and after the internet

A few weeks ago, Tim Jordan shared the opening chapter of his new book, Internet, Society, and Culture: Communicative Practices before and after the Internet, published by Bloomsbury.  (You can still read it here.) The comments that followed raised some interesting observations, both about it and inspired by it, so we’re re-posting those comments here […]

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Please… title this book!

After nearly two years’ work, I am ready to turn in the anthology I’ve been co-editing (with Pablo Boczkowski and Kirsten Foot). I’m extremely proud of it, and hope it will be useful to young scholars who work on issues around media, technology, society, and culture. The essays are in, proofed, corrected, lined up. The […]

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The Relevance of Algorithms

I’m really excited to share my new essay, “The Relevance of Algorithms,” with those of you who are interested in such things. It’s been a treat to get to think through the issues surrounding algorithms and their place in public culture and knowledge, with some of the  participants in Culture Digitally (here’s the full litany: Braun, Gillespie, Striphas, Thomas, […]

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The Legitimizing Power of Markets: Why paying for paper serves as a proxy for ascertaining truths

It seems that the pot is starting (or have already started) to boil over. The role of academic publishing houses in the dissemination of knowledge has attracted the attention of people outside academia.  And, certainly, it has attracted the attention of our blog.  Mary Gray, Chris Boulton, and Zachary McDowell have chimed in with some important ideas about the philosophical […]

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