Introducing “Culture Digitally: The Podcast”

Hello Everyone!  We are pleased to introduce a new podcast as part the regular content you’ll find here on the blog.   Over the last few weeks we’ve managed to record a number of great conversations between our contributors on the  topics and themes we developed in a recent workshop.   The first episode is part of a series that documents those conversations. The format is pretty open and it gives our readers the chance to hear our contributors thinking aloud.  It’s impromptu and organic and we hope you’ll enjoy it.  Our first “conversation”  brings us Nick Couldry, Gina Neff, and Tom Streeter, discussing the notions of value and cultural production.  We hope you’ll enjoy the program, subscribe and spread the word.

You can stream the audio directly from our site below or you can subscribe and download.  To subscribe to the podcast series we’ve added a link to our blog RSS feed on the right hand side menu bar, it’s labeled “To Podcast Only.”  You can also enter the feed: to any podcatcher.  Or you can find us on iTunes by searching for “Culture Digitally.”  Thanks for listening.

Conversations on Value and Cultural Production